First and foremost, if you’re in Chicago this week for Wizard World, 2 of our regular Assemblers are set-up in Artist Alley, LUKE SMARTO and TOM KELLY. GO give them a look see, won’t you?
And now, on to THE KING!

Also this week is our first written contribution! First here’s the set-up:
From Comic Vine:  The little money Jack got for himself went to pulp magazines, newspaper comics and local cinema. He later explained that, “The pulps were my writing school. Movies and newspaper strips were my drawing school.” Jack became a member in the Suffolk Street Gang, every street had it´s own gang and they fought each other. The YANCY STREET GANG that BEN GRIMM, the “Thing” of the Fantastic Four, had problems with, was a reference to this part of Kirby´s childhood. The times that Jack did not use to read or fight, he would draw – on anything. One time he doodled on a tenement floor and got himself beaten up by a janitor for it. Even though the family had little money, they started to buy Jack large pads of onionskin drawing paper.

“I finally get some chalk and it’s raining pitchforks outside! I really wanted to do THIS drawing on the street so she see’s it coming back home from church. Got enough clams outta the bohunks for drawing them and their tomatoes for some onionskins too. Well, what the hell, I might as well wait it out, it’ll quit soon, it’s only a cloudburst. Maybe if I do it after it stops it’ll last till morning? She said she liked the little doodles I do on the skins, she’ll like this one fer sure! It’ll be a pip! The gang wants me to draw some stuff on some walls and this here chalk’ll be perfect so’s I gotta make it last but it should be enough to get both done, just don’t want to get pinched doing either one. That killjoy janitor was looking at me sideways, what a futz. Like I’m gonna upchuck on his floor or something? He’ll probably tell me to beat feet if the rain lasts any longer. The rummy went downstairs to fill up again I bet. For crying out loud, when is this stuff gonna stop?! She looks really nice all dolled up, I wonder if she knows I got a crush on her? Maybe I’ll draw a rose for her, white chalk, white rose? There was that good picture of a rose on that one rag I read the other day. I can practice on the floor here until someone turns off the spigot…”


Individual contributor websites and/or other internet links are located on each piece’s permalink page.

Individual works may be available for sale. Contact for specifics.

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