CA! Week 34: Thank You, JOE KUBERT

It is with great sadness and loss that we gather here this week to show a mere glimmer of appreciation for what JOE KUBERT has given to the comic book community throughout his life. Nothing we give here can compare with his amazing legacy, but we hope our pictures and words convey a sense of our life long gratitude. Thank you, Joe.

We start this week with a tribute from TONY VALDEZ (

“I hope Joe knew of and was able to understand just how far his reach extended and how much his love for this medium affected multiple generations. If you look at his life and see that since the age of 12 he had been working and getting paid to do what he loved and his ability to pass that love on to his family and those around him, boggles the mind.

From the early 40’s and the soldiers overseas that were able to have that small piece of home with them up to 2011 and his last published work he had a constant presence in the comic world. From characters he worked on for multiple publishers to his own creations, he put just as much into his art and skilled eye as he could muster and seeing that that skill and dedication lasted all his life should be seen as a lasting tribute to doing something right and making your art your art.

From the opening of his school in September 1976 he hoped to give prospective sequential artists an opportunity to learn a craft and hone their skills. Thinking of this I can only ask, how many of us who can’t draw a straight line would’ve killed to have been given a chance to attend a school dedicated to helping you learn to draw two straight lines? I can only imagine how many of the schools alumni, if not given the chance to attend his school would’ve walked away from sheer frustration at not being able to take their art to the next level.

So as we look at the fan art on this page I hope all of you artists who continue to submit please know that those of us that can only sit on the sidelines and marvel at your work, see you as a continuation of what Joe was, an artist, a parent, a teacher, and a talented individual.”

And now to the art.

Individual contributor websites and/or other internet links are located on each piece’s permalink page.

Individual works may be available for sale. Contact for specifics.

One response to “CA! Week 34: Thank You, JOE KUBERT

  1. Every week it gets bigger and bigger….

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