This is IT… the end of Challengers Comics’ weekly art blog! Our first post went up in November, 2011. Five years ago. In those 5 years we’ve had hundreds of themes, over a thousand submissions and tens of thousands of page views. And I want to take this time to say THANK YOU. Thank you to every single artist that submitted work. Thank you to every single person that viewed even 1 image on this blog. Thank you for loving comics and comic art as much as we do.

Here are the final submissions to Challengers Assemble!

We’ve had so very many people submit to this blog over the years. Some were professionals. Some were amateurs. Some started as amateurs and are now professionals.
I want to take a minute here to call out the 3 most prolific contributors to this blog. These 3 artists kept this blog going when other submissions dropped off. Many weeks saw only these 3 artists contribute.

1. TOM KELLY Tom has been contributing since the very first week this blog started, and he rarely missed a week. Tom is a diverse artist and one of the most genuine people in comics. Challengers Assemble! is only one of several weekly art challenges Tom is a part of and you can keep up with Tom’s art here:

2. ARCHANGELO Archangelo is a guy I met because of this blog and he’s a hell of an artist AND person. Archangelo also holds the record for most contributions in one week (7!!) and he’s contributed to over 200 CA!’s. Archangelo also submits to other art blogs and you can continue to follow him here: and here:

3. JASON MUHR I thought I met Jason thru CA! but it turns out I knew him years before any of this. But I got to know his art from this blog and now he has his own series from Action Lab (VORACIOUS and VORACIOUS: FEEDING TIME) he also has his first Marvel project (DOCTOR STRANGE/PUNISHER: MAGIC BULLETS, out December 7th!) and he’s only just getting started. Learn more about Jason’s future work  here:

So, while this blog may be at an end, our love of, and commitment to, comics and comic art has only strengthened as a result of the passion shown here over the past 5 years. Thank you. And keep reading comics.
We’ll be waiting for you at Challengers.
Patrick Brower

One response to “CHALLENGERS ASSEMBLE #250!!

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim

    Lookin buff!

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Challengers ASSEMBLE!

Challengers ASSEMBLE! is a weekly Art Blog hosted by CHALLENGERS Comics + Conversation.
Every Friday morning a new blog is posted featuring this week's art and next week's theme and participants have until 11:59pm Thursday night to complete a piece of art based on that theme.
The results will be then posted here each Friday morning. Rinse. Repeat.

If you are interested in participating, please follow these simple guidelines:
-Finished art should be in .JPG format, no more than 100dpi.
-E-mail submission to no later than 11:59pm Thursday evening.
-Along with your submission, please include
1. Your name, or the name you want your work credited to (mandatory).
2. A link to your website/DeviantArt page/blog, whatever you want to promote (optional).
3. If your work is for sale, the asking price (optional).

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